Historical Review

The IMGC Corporation was born in 2011 after the establishment of Iron Metallics Global Consultants (IMGC), a business unit with which all our activities are promoted.
The main business of IMGC is the inspection and certification of cargo on ships. Our analysis and measurements include: draft survey, warehouse inspection, salinity tests, thermocouple tests, temperature measurement, radioactivity tests, explosivity tests, sampling, inertization of warehouses; material testimony tests, verification of surveyor reports, top-off operations, material download control.
We have qualified personnel in the field and laboratories for physico-chemical analysis in Venezuela and Miami, as well as the necessary measurement equipment for our activities.
IMGC Group is our shipping agency. We cover all the aspects that intervene, both in the shipping agency and the alternative services that arise during the different operations. Currently, we represent shipowners from all over the world in the different ports of the country, in order to provide the ship and its crew with the necessary services and that it can carry out its charter operations efficiently.

We cover the management of ships in port (loading, unloading), paperwork that involves the reception, delivery of the cargo, adjustment of claims, supply ships, customs duties payments, thus fulfilling the different formalities. Also, we process all processes before the competent authorities.
Our operations are developed in the ports of the main cities of the country, such as: Ciudad Guayana, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello and soon in Puerto la Cruz.
Additionally, through the company Alas del Sur, we develop activities for the transfer of pilots and crew to the vessels that are in the Milla Cero, the entrance channel of the ships to the Orinoco River.
Our fleet is currently composed of a Bell Ranger 206B helicopter and two West Wing model WW1124, so we also have the opportunity to serve private flights nationally and internationally, for tourism and business purposes.


We are an integral services organization oriented to satisfy the needs of the clients in terms of logistics, inspection and certification; shipping agency, management of strategic materials, environmental management, aeronautical services and cutting of steel material, supported by a highly trained human resource committed to the objectives and values of the organization, using cutting edge technology to offer our customers an excellent cost / benefit, creating heritage value, welfare for our people and preserving the environment for future generations.


To be a leading organization in the integral service of logistics, certification, inspection, shipping agency, environmental and aeronautical services; achieving high levels of quality, efficiency and satisfaction of our customers, differentiated by the added value it brings in the supply chain and the integrity of our valuable people.

Principles and Values


It guides us to fulfill our functions guaranteeing the operations success


Our performance standard is the result of our Human Resources talents and virtues


We unconditionally support common causes and interests and causes without expecting anything in return, helping to create solid social bonds


We establish business relationships based on a faithful law compliance, achieving our clients trust


We recognize our workers self-worth and rights


We fulfill the projects that we execute with efficiency and effectiveness, guaranteeing our clients satisfaction


Together we execute a quality and efficient work, achieving operations success

Professional Ethics

Our values practices in the workplace improves the development of processes