Historical Review

Founded on October 26, 2016, Alas del Sur operates a specialized service of Air Transportation in the Air Taxi category and Aeronautical Maintenance, endorsed by Venezuelan regulations and the aircrafts manufacturers, it has a mixture of experience and top of the line technological evolution, integrated by highly trained professionals on the area.


To satisfy our customers needs in Specialized Air Transport Service in the Air Taxi category and Aeronautical Maintenance.
Provide a safe operation and offering an excellent cost / benefit ratio, creating heritage value, welfare for our people and preserving the environment for future generations.
The company has a highly trained human talent, committed to the organization values and objectives, fully complying with the Venezuelan aeronautical authority and aircrafts manufacturers requirements.


To be leaders in the Specialized Air Transport Service under the Air Taxi Modality and in Aeronautical Maintenance by achieving high levels of safety, quality, efficiency and our customers satisfaction, differentiated by our valuable human talent added value, serving as a support for the region’s tourism activities, persons and goods transportation , support for ships that travel along the Orinoco river navigation channel, as well as other operations and services required by our clients.

Principles and Values


It guides us to fulfill our functions guaranteeing the operations success


Our performance standard is the result of our Human Resources talents and virtues


We unconditionally support common causes and interests and causes without expecting anything in return, helping to create solid social bonds


We establish business relationships based on a faithful law compliance, achieving our clients trust


We recognize our workers self-worth and rights


We fulfill the projects that we execute with efficiency and effectiveness, guaranteeing our clients satisfaction


Together we execute a quality and efficient work, achieving operations success

Professional Ethics

Our values practices in the workplace improves the development of processes